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2017-06-01 Update on the Grammar Writing Process III
2017-05-03 Some Further Thoughts on Agreement in Ayeri
2017-04-26 Markov-Chain Generator for Ayeri Words
2017-04-16 Clitics in Ayeri: Thoughts and Notes
2017-03-02 ADMIN: I Got Myself a Domain
2017-02-25 Small Status Update
2017-02-09 Should I stay or should I go?
2017-01-26 Update on the Grammar Writing Process II
2017-01-08 Subordinating Verbs: A Small Blast from the Past
2016-11-12 Unclogging the Sink: Avoiding Center-Embedding with Subordinating Verbs
2016-10-25 Update on the Grammar Writing Process
2016-08-22 Link: Ayeri Grammar GitHub Repo
2016-07-04 Link: Referat über Ayeri
2016-06-01 Verb Agreement in Ayeri: Bound, Clitic, or Both?
2016-04-29 The North Wind and the Sun, Revisited
2016-03-05 Indefinite Pronouns in Ayeri
2016-02-10 ‘Locational’ Instrumental with Prepositions
2015-12-09 “And” as a Relative Pronoun
2015-11-28 Some More Blackletter-ish Doodling
2015-11-22 Some Blackletter-ish Doodling
2015-10-18 Translation Challenge: Fences and Gardens
2015-10-06 Review: Peterson, The Art of Language Invention
2015-10-01 You’ve Got Mail
2015-09-02 Beschreibung von Tahano Hikamu auf Deutsch
2015-08-07 Natlang Attestation of Ayeri’s Strategy of Forming Ordinals
2015-08-06 Conlanging and the Real Life
2015-05-24 Tagāti Book G, Graphite and TeXLive 2014
2015-05-08 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang VIII: Sound Changes, Part 5
2015-05-06 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang VII: Sound Changes, Part 4
2015-05-03 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang VI: Sound Changes, Part 3
2015-04-27 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang V: Sound Changes, Part 2
2015-04-25 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang IV: Sound Changes, Part 1
2015-03-18 ADMIN: Some things improved
2015-02-22 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang III: A Tentative Proto-Language Phoneme Inventory
2015-02-06 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang II: A Phoneme Inventory and Some Thoughts on Grammatical Features
2015-02-05 Notes on a Vaporware Conlang
2015-02-05 Ayeri number word converter in Python
2014-12-22 Happy Holidays
2014-11-25 Returning to Germany Soon
2014-10-31 Translation Challenge: The Beginning of Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”
2014-10-16 Some Toponyms
2014-10-05 Link: New Conlangers and Introducing Languages
2014-10-01 Notes from Twitter
2014-09-08 ADMIN: This site in mobile browsers
2014-08-20 Greetings from Canada
2014-08-20 Link: Interview mit Jan Strasser zum Sprachenbasteln
2014-07-21 Playing with sound changes
2014-07-02 Pangram (revisited)
2014-06-09 Translation Challenge: Honey Everlasting
2014-05-04 Some Legal Ponderings
2014-04-25 Translation Challenge: The Scientific Method
2014-03-02 Ayeri in Other Scripts Than Latin
2014-02-01 Reduplication issues
2013-12-01 Happy 10th Anniversary, Ayeri!
2013-09-14 Some Ideas for Person Marking
2013-08-27 ADMIN: Dictionary Search Documentation Updated
2013-08-07 Tahano Hikamu and Handwriting?
2013-07-30 Blogartikel auf Deutsch?
2013-07-16 Fractions
2013-07-06 Names of European Nations and Capitals in Ayeri
2013-05-08 “To be, or not to be …”
2013-05-01 What I work with
2013-04-02 ‘Locational’ Dative and Genitive with Prepositions
2013-03-10 Conlanging: “Metal as F*ck”
2013-03-09 The Name of the Game (Literally!)
2013-02-04 Pronoun worries
2013-02-01 What I’ve been up to recently
2012-12-10 Correlative Conjunctions
2012-12-08 Link: Conlangs and Copyright
2012-12-04 Rhyming
2012-12-01 ADMIN: Site layout and Dictionary reworked
2012-11-13 Anything you’d like to know?
2012-08-12 Tagāti Book G Font is up for Download
2012-08-06 Some Work in Progress
2012-07-20 Some Criticism From Japan
2012-07-05 A Doodle from Work
2012-06-27 Flicking Switches: Ayeri and the Austronesian Alignment
2012-06-01 Website Statistics
2012-05-11 Guest on Conlangery Podcast #50
2012-04-07 Imperial Messages XV – Round-up (with video)
2012-04-04 Imperial Messages XIV – “Ang nedrasava nārya …”
2012-03-31 Imperial Messages XIII – “Ang ming lugaya ranya …”
2012-03-28 Imperial Messages XII – “… nay ang pragongya panca …”
2012-03-24 Your opinion wanted!
2012-03-24 Imperial Messages XI – “… nay viturongyāng …”
2012-03-21 Imperial Messages X – “… nay viturongyāng …”
2012-03-19 Etaoin Shrdlu
2012-03-17 Imperial Messages IX – “Da-yamva nārya …”
2012-03-14 Imperial Messages VIII – “Ya sahongyāng simil apan …”
2012-03-10 Imperial Messages VII – “Nārya ikananang kāryo-ing …”
2012-03-07 Imperial Messages VI – “… ang bidisaya arilinya itingley …”
2012-03-03 Imperial Messages V – “Ang saraya edauyikan …”
2012-02-29 Imperial Messages IV – “Nay marin yenuya silvayana ikan …”
2012-02-25 Imperial Messages III – “Ri kaytisyāng halinganley …”
2012-02-22 Imperial Messages II – “Sā sarayya ya ninayāng …”
2012-02-15 Imperial Messages I – “Budang lanyana iray”
2012-02-13 Simple Interlinear Glosses Shortcode Plugin for WordPress
2011-12-24 Merry Christmas
2011-12-22 Name-dropped and UDHR Article 1 Translation
2011-11-29 The Genesis of Ayeri’s Numerals
2011-11-16 Alleged Beliefs
2011-11-06 Un-schedules
2011-10-06 A Little Story (You May Want to Translate)
2011-09-21 First, at First, Once, First Time
2011-09-18 They Call Me Guitarplayer
2011-09-07 Digitale Typografie für fiktionale Schriftsysteme – ein Rant
2011-09-04 Other Things Ayeri (Not the Language)
2011-08-20 “Das Problem mit dem Sprachenbasteln” – eine Antwort
2011-08-18 Thoughts on Object Predicatives
2011-08-15 Ayeri is Featured Conlang of the Week
2011-08-08 Digital Typography for Fictional Writing Systems – A Rant
2011-08-06 Grammar Hole: Indirect Object Modified by Adposition
2011-07-28 Not Quite a Family Reunion
2011-07-13 Syllable Stress Allocation in Ayeri
2011-07-08 Wuggy and Ayeri
2011-06-28 Ceci n’est pas un mot
2011-06-23 Tahano Hinyan and Daléian alphabet
2011-06-06 A Likely Translation Challenge
2011-06-04 “The Problem with Conlanging” – A Response
2011-05-17 Two videos from LCC4
2011-05-16 Back home again
2011-05-11 LCC4
2011-05-09 ADMIN: Media Page and Advanced Search
2011-04-20 Wait – isn’t it me who made that?
2011-04-11 Tense and Aspect in Ayeri IV
2011-04-04 Tense and Aspect in Ayeri III
2011-03-29 Pangram
2011-03-28 Tense and Aspect in Ayeri II
2011-03-21 Tense and Aspect in Ayeri I
2011-03-18 Tahano (Nu)Veno(n) font
2011-03-14 Base converter shortcode WordPress plugin
2011-03-09 “Sa silvu gumo nā, nay prisu, vāng si lita!”
2011-03-07 Plurals with -yam and -ya
2011-03-01 ADMIN: New old page