ADMIN: Media Page and Advanced Search

Over the past weeks I’ve tweaked the “Media” page and the “Advanced Search” page of the dictionary a little. I hope that it’s clearer now that you can actually click on the headings on the left side so as to get the menu for that heading. Hovering over a heading turns its background gray, and the mouse pointer changes to the one used for links to suggest that this element is clickable.

Also, I added a description to the “Translations” category of the blog part of this page where it says explicitly that the place to find media files is not primarily there, but on the “Media” page. This is not optimal, I know, but since the media files are not registered with WordPress, they won’t be listed in the blog category automatically.

I’ve furthermore removed the top-right search box which you can usually search blog posts and pages within the WordPress framework with. Thing is that neither the dictionary nor the contents linked to from the “Media” page can be accessed from there, as people might expect, since the media contents are served from the file system and the dictionary from its own database respectively, rather than the database WordPress gets all its contents from. When you went to the simple search of the dictionary earlier, you were presented two search boxes: one in the top-right corner, and one as the main content. Since I deemed this all potentially confusing, I’ve removed the top-right box.

Also, the top menu won’t work with Internet Explorer 6, and neither does it break down graciously so that you would still be able to access all contents of this page. You might say it’s my responsibility as the administrator to find a way to make the menu work regardless, but I refuse to! You’re not supposed to use that megalith of a browser anymore. Even Microsoft officially disapproves of it.