Should I stay or should I go?

  • I permanently deactivated my Twitter account in January 2023. Links to the account below aren’t functional anymore.

I was recently wondering again whether I should move my Ayeri stuff to my own top level domain from its current residence at I haven’t planned anything concrete, I’m just curious for your opinion. There’s a poll embedded in the following tweet.

See the message on Twitter.

The thing is, Ayeri’s been living at its current address since July 2008, and thus, things from this site are linked in quite a few other places. In this regard, I feel somewhat uneasy breaking continuity. On the other hand, people usually come in from a handful of sources only, besides search engines, and I can always put a redirect up here.

3 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. Not sure, but I think sites hosted on would be automatically archived by LCS in case anyone leaves, and Tony Harris is very helpful with admin. The downside is that you can’t install and run most program frameworks there, so I link to a github for web apps. Since you already keep a public github repo, conlangers would easily be able to archive any programs or extra files, too, if needed, or you could upload those files to dreamhost via FTP.

    Just for consistency among conlangs, I’d tend toward the dreamhost account. 2¢

  2. The vital trick with domains is remembering to pay the yearly bill or they go poof! Amazing how many can’t handle that one little trick.. If it’s a potentially popular name you need an iron-clad system for making sure the bill gets paid on time.

    Instead of having a html redirect, change the DNS: make “” or other “old” name a CNAME-record (or less preferred: A-record) to the new place. That way both work and you can move the actual site to wherever, whenever. If you you don’t do that, the redirect should be a “301 Moved Permanently”, not a “302 Temporary”. Browsers, if they follow the RFCs, should then forget the old url (in histories and bookmarks) and replace it with the new.

    1. I didn’t know that regarding the CNAME/A-record, I’ll keep that in mind, thank you. As for renewal deadlines, yeah, that’s an annoying thing. Although I’ve never had to explicitly renew any .de domains of sites I helped managing – webhosts here seem to renew them along with your contract, at least ones inclusive to your package.

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