ADMIN: Some things improved

Screenshot of Twentythirteen
This website updated to a “responsive” theme
I decided to port my site to the Twentythirteen theme for WordPress the other day, and the result is what you can see here. I didn’t want to go with the old Twentyeleven anymore because that’s not suitable so much for mobile devices, which a lot of people use to access this site, according to my server logs. Besides reducing big tables to something more manageable for small screens (there are still some glitches here and there), I especially tried to clean up the dictionary search interface, so I hope it’s more straightforward now. Also, you can now list all entries by their first letter, print dictionary style, at the touch of a button.

  • I’ve also tried to retrofit some of the graphics to high resolutions now. I can’t and won’t do this for every image file on the site, though.