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Simple Interlinear Glosses Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

  • I don’t actively develop this plugin anymore, since things have so far been working reasonably well enough for my purposes. For something more modern and Javascript based, you may want to have a look at Leipzig.js.

[Last updated: 2012-02-16] For a long time I’ve been slightly annoyed of formatting interlinear glosses in HTML by hand. I had hoped that there would be a plugin for WordPress at least, as a widely used content management system, that would do things automatically and to my liking. But as far as I can tell, nobody has published anything like that so far. Thus, I finally tried and programmed a shortcode plugin for very simple interlinear glosses myself, hoping that it may be useful for others, too. Especially blogging linguists and conlangers, of course 🙂 Continue reading Simple Interlinear Glosses Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

Base converter shortcode WordPress plugin

A plugin to convert numbers in base 10 to other number bases, including their decimal places. You can insert this into pages and posts with a shortcode:


  • no is a real number, decimal places are set off by a dot, so a valid input is e.g. 12.3456.
  • base is the base you want to convert to as an integer, e.g. 12.
  • prec is an integer number that defines how many places you want after the decimal point. If you leave this out, the number returned will have the same number of places after the dot as the input. A valid input would be e.g. 3.
  • show is a boolean value, i.e. either 0 for ‘no’ or 1 for ‘yes’, that enables or disables showing the base of the result as an index after it, like 10A₁₂. If you leave this out, 0 will be assumed.

For example, the following codes gives the following result:

[​base no="1234" base="2" show="1"​]
[base no=”1234″ base=”2″ show=”1″]

[​base no="123.4567" base="16" show="0"​]
[base no=”123.4567″ base=”16″ show=”0″]

The script can also round up or down:

[​base no="0.142857" base="12" prec="20"]
[base no=”0.142857″ base=”12″ prec=”20″]

The same, shortened to 3 places:
[​base no="0.142857" base="12" prec="3"​]
[base no=”0.142857″ base=”12″ prec=”3″]

The same, shortened to 5 places:
[​base no="0.142857" base="12" prec="5"​]
[base no=”0.142857″ base=”12″ prec=”5″]