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Conlanging and the Real Life

There hasn’t been a lot going on here recently. This is because even though I have accumulated a bunch of papers I want to read for getting inspiration for conlanging, especially regarding the fledgling conlang I sketched out earlier …

A few papers
Some linguistics papers I want to read for conlanging. Currently, there are more important things to do, though.

… I’m currently caught up in the middle of preparing work on my M.A. thesis on adjective morphosyntax in Middle High German as exhibited by a bunch of late-13th-century texts both pragmatic and literary.

I am officially supposed to start working on it on August 18; my thesis has to be submitted in February 2016. It’s probably not like I won’t be doing anything but working on my thesis, but if there’s not a lot of discussion of fictional languages going on here for the next 6 months, this is the most likely reason why. Plus, conlanging is not the only thing I do in my spare time.

Simple Interlinear Glosses Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

  • I don’t actively develop this plugin anymore, since things have so far been working reasonably well enough for my purposes. For something more modern and Javascript based, you may want to have a look at Leipzig.js.

[Last updated: 2012-02-16] For a long time I’ve been slightly annoyed of formatting interlinear glosses in HTML by hand. I had hoped that there would be a plugin for WordPress at least, as a widely used content management system, that would do things automatically and to my liking. But as far as I can tell, nobody has published anything like that so far. Thus, I finally tried and programmed a shortcode plugin for very simple interlinear glosses myself, hoping that it may be useful for others, too. Especially blogging linguists and conlangers, of course 🙂 Continue reading Simple Interlinear Glosses Shortcode Plugin for WordPress