Some Toponyms

When doing translations, I sometimes also need real-world toponyms besides the ones for (more or less) independent countries and their capitals. Here’s an assortment of more or less recent coinings:

Braunschweig – Ruminkay < aruno ‘brown’ + minkay ‘settlement’
Marburg — Litareng < lito ‘border’ + -areng ~ ayron ‘fortification, town’
Frankfurt — Kahalukay < kahan ‘spear’ (cf. France) + lukay ‘ford’
Victoria — Sikatay < sikatan ‘victory’

Britain — Dahasi < dahas ‘shape, form’ (cf. Wikipedia, “Britain (place name)”)
British Columbia — Ruhayani Dahasi (cf. Britain, Colombia)
England — Angli (etymology uncertain, possibly related to the shape of the Anglish homeland)
Hesse – Hassi (no information on etymology found)
(Lower) Saxony – Rajumin (eyreng) < raju ‘dagger’ + -min ~ mitan- ‘live, dwell’ (+ eyreng ‘lower’)