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Guest on Conlangery Podcast #50

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be a guest in the first half of Episode 50 of the Conlangery Podcast, which will be released on May 14, 2012 – that is, next Monday, if the regular schedule is followed. Thanks again to George and William for having me as a guest!

When I read in the comments to Episode 47 that there was going to be a scripts-related episode soon, I decided to ask whether they’d be OK with having me as a guest. Script-related things like writing systems and typography are a topic I’m interested in and fascinated by (you guess where my perfectionist obsession with my con-scripts stems from), so I was curious to join the discussion. Who would have thought it was up for recording the very Sunday (late) night of that week! However, it’s not actually about writing systems themselves, but mainly about prerequisites and tools for writing and literacy. Very interesting!

NB: I haven’t heard the edited episode yet myself, so I’m just as curious for it.

[You can listen to Conlangery 50, “The Technology of Literacy,” now. β€” CB, 2012-05-14]

Not Quite a Family Reunion

No, not another meeting of conlangers. And not making my family learn my conlang either. Rather, the last episode of the Conlangery Podcast dealt with the topic of Kinship Terms and how different languages and cultures handle them. This made me rethink what I had already come up with (PDF warning) two years ago: Distinguishing all those cousins and in-laws seemed overkill to me on a much later second thought. I thus went into the opposite direction and got rid of a lot of distinctions… Maybe too many? See for yourself.