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They Call Me Guitarplayer

Or at least, they do so indirectly, because I chose to go by that nickname on some pages I’m still active on years ago. But anyway, I’m playing the guitar, that’s true, and I like translating things into my constructed language. Especially if it’s a little challenging. Like a song, or a poem. Only my singing leaves something to be desired because of my untrained tonal range, alas … See the video on Youtube.

The original song (Oceansize, “Amputee”) as recorded for the album it’s on (Effloresce, 2003) can be found here, the acoustic version I got the chords from is here. In this case there was no actual meter and the number of syllables per line varies a lot in English already as well, so I only had to keep it about equal, but not strictly equal. I made a PDF that contains interlinear glosses of the lyrics, though the text there deviates slightly from the recording because I misread occasionally.

I already did the same for a Foo Fighters song, so you may want to know if there’s more to follow — No, nothing planned. Why I chose these songs? Because I kind of liked them.