Blogartikel auf Deutsch?

For some time I’ve been wondering whether I might want to post as well in German here on the blog from time to time. I have already translated two articles into German, but I’ve so far always preferred writing in English, on the grounds of internationality. In my experience, English doesn’t pose much of a problem to German-speaking language tinkerers anyway, which is probably also reflected in a major search engine’s ten most frequent queries of the past month for which the Sprachbaukasten was listed as a search result:

Search Term Impressions Clicks Avg. Position
vokaltrapez 250 <10 20
elbisches alphabet 250 <10 45
elbisch alphabet 150 <10 66
anatomie mund 70 <10 20
elbische schrift alphabet 70 <10 38
zunge anatomie 70 <10 56
sans titre 60 <10 14
mund anatomie 35 <10 9,6
klingonisches alphabet 35 <10 44
koreanisches alphabet 35 <10 160

Of course, I would always make an English translation of every German-language blog article in addition. However, the search queries above show that for example Sprachen erfinden ‘making up languages’ or similar terms were not searched for, and even the results of those search terms for which a page of the Sprachbaukasten was returned were clicked fewer than ten times. In conclusion, there does not really seem to be a demand for a German-language introduction to making up languages. Doing twice the work with translations wouldn’t be necessary accordingly. — The comment function is activated for this article for the time being.

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