tenpo pini lili la, mi kute sin e lon pi toki pona kepeken sitelen pona ni tan jan Waputo.
time finish small CONTEXT 1 hear again OBJ existence ATTR Toki Pona by.means.of picture good DEM from person RobWords
‘I’ve heard again about Toki Pona recently via this nice video by RobWords.’

kama la, mi kama jo e olin lili lili tawa toki ni lon lawa mi.
coming.up CONTEXT 1 come.to have OBJ love small small toward language DEM in head 1
‘I’ve come to have a little bit of an intellectual crush on the language since.’

It kind of fascinates me with its rather elegant information-structuring morphology in spite of its reknowned smallness (it smol!). Regarding that trait, it’s also known to be very flexible, though consequently polysemous and decidedly reliant on context. I hope the above toki wasn’t ike—I’ve got no proficiency, I’m just sitting here with several browser tabs open (and some background knowledge in linguistics) to piece things together, as one does.

o pona e toki mi.
IMP improve OBJ language 1
‘Please correct my language.’

mi kama sona e ijo sin la, mi pilin pona.
1 come.to know OBJ thing additional CONTEXT 1 feel good
‘I’m happy to learn more.’